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July to be a 'suicide' month for good Summer blockbusters in 2017

Half way through the summer everybody was scared that the summer box office is looking weak compared to the years before it. Except for 'Wonder Woman' and 'Guardians vol2', none of the films really took off; some even diving into the abyss. People were not coming out into the theatres as much as anybody related to the film business would have liked. Everybody blamed it on the films and the badness of it. Most films made the bottom half of Rotten Tomatometer, indicating to the public that the movies were not worth the time and money of moviegoers.

The film industry began pointing fingers at the reviewers who got a peek before the actual screenings and bashed the movies unapologetically, resulting in low theater turnouts. Reviewers defended themselves saying good movies will be well received. The point was proved by 'Wonder Woman' and 'Guardians', though I wouldn't count them as classics; but as good entertainment.

Then comes July.

'Despicable Me…

Ranking the anticipation for Summer movies of 2017

It's about 2 weeks past the start of the summer season for movies, and I am very excited about a lot of them this year.

I am listing the top 10 movies that I'm excited about this summer. Yes, this is just my opinion.

10. The Mummy

This is a series much beloved when it had the funny Brendon Fraser and the gorgeous Rachel Weisz. Now, it has the action hero, Tom Cruise and somebody else. I am surprised this movie made into the top 10 list. But, it was either this or some other franchises I had no interest in and King Arthur. Mummy won by a cent over King Arthur.

From the trailers, it is evident that this movie will feature some high-risk stunts from Tom Cruise. I am looking forward to that. I am also interested in finding out what Universal has planned for with the Monster Universe they have been building. I am worried for this movie because it is nothing like the previous 'Mummy' movies, and I am not sure what to expect from this one. I am hoping it would not be just ano…

The rise of Baahubali.

Like every normal morning, I receive a bunch of stories to read on my Google now based on my current searches. Box office results are often among them. In today's news, I found a surprise newcomer.

This Friday, releasing all over the world is the Magnum opus from India, 'Baahubali: The Conclusion'. The prequel was a big hit and redefined the box office for Indian films and as far as I can see the latest entry will do even better. Originally in Telugu, this film will be dubbed into more Indian languages to cater to the several tongues in India.

Now the news that startled me.

Box office mojo predicts that the movie might make almost 10m$ from just 452 theatres in the USA. That's much more than the initial weekend collections of many Hollywood movies and also more than the lifetime collection of some. Last week we know newcomers like'Unforgettable' and 'Phoenix' barely touched 5m$, and they had far more theatre counts.

It would be no surprise that 'Ba…

Summer in Hollywood 2017

This is one of the most anticipated summers ever for every movie fans. Every week is bringing back something we hold dear. Most of it are sequels, but there might be a few original gems available to satisfy the 'no-sequel-nonsense' guys.

Two weeks earlier, 'Fate of the furious' broke into the box office and shattered all the worldwide collection records. That was supposedly late spring but seems like summer is upon us quite early.

After a hiatus, on May 5th, Hollywood is gearing up to welcome the summer officially, with a biggie like 'Guardians of the Galaxy, volume 2'. The first one was a surprise blockbuster about a group of misfits saving the Galaxy from Thanos' minions. The characters were from the Marvel's world of lesser knowns and they still made an impact. It grossed over 700m worldwide and made huge bucks even in the USA. The early reception for the sequel has been quite good and it would seem like a miss if you don't catch it in the theat…

Why Justice League trailer isn't impressive

The hype around the world's greatest comic superhero movies have always been feverish, and it was no different when the DC's iconic characters were rebooted by Zack Snyder. The anticipation for a gritty DCEU began ever since we got the first look at Man of Steel, four years back. But the final results were always sub par to our expectations.

Let's forget Man of Steel here. It was what it was. But, Batman vs Superman was one of the movies that could not have gone wrong at all. The anticipation was there, excitement was there, and even after the movie...MOVIE..not comic BOOK, or chat SHOW, ......the MOVIE was absolutely bad, there were a lot of people still liking it. I had a lot of problems with the movie starting from its not entertaining, or enlightening, and was made only for the fans who knew what was going on in the comics. I felt more empathy for KONG in the latest WB monster movie that was also lot of action and CGI without story like BvS, over any character in the …

The Oscars 2017

And...we are about to witness yet another round of Oscar statues to be given out to outstanding performances and skills in movie making, and like any other year I jot down my opinions and expectations from this event and the movies that make them. Unfortunately, I have until now, viewed just one among those top contenders in best film category, and it might be an easy guess for those who know me. I love Amy Adams, and I like watching the spectacles on big screen. 'Arrival' was a different kind of spectacle though.

I will put in my best to get through most of the deserving titles this year, and I did get a chance to see 'The Edge of Seventeen'. Though not nominated, it had rave reviews.

My next few viewing picks from the contenders list will most likely be the magical 'La La land', an Indian story 'Lion', Viola Davis' 'Fences' and the family drama 'Manchester by the Sea'. 'La La Land' has already climbed to the top of most li…